Uniamo le menti esistenti

in combinazioni nuove che siano utili, forse.

Ron Jeremy beve solo il suo Rum

Al lancio il Rum di Ron Jeremy.

“è tempo di relax, è tempo di Rumjeremy….”

With over 1000 films in his portfolio, 57 year old adult film star Ron Jeremy plans to branch out into the world of fine spirits with the launch of a new Panamanian rum sporting his name.  The 7 year old rum is called Ron de Jeremy and will be distributed by parent company One Eyed Spirits.   It is set to be released in a very limited series of numbered bottles.

Now, you may expect this to be inferior rum made exclusively for the novelty market, but we anticipate better quality from Ron de Jeremy.  In fact they’ve enlisted well-seasoned Master Blender “Don Pancho” for this project.  He’s the guru behind some very impressive rums from Havana Club, Abuelo and Zafra.

RondeJeremy.com has this to say about the launch: “Ron de Jeremy is exceptionally smooth 7-year old rum from Panama. It is created by another legend, a 72-year old Cuban Master Blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Ron de Jeremy tastes perfect naked with nothing added and works equally great as a mixer. It is the adult rum.”  They’re taking pre-orders at the website for those interested in getting their hands on one of the first bottles.



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