Uniamo le menti esistenti

in combinazioni nuove che siano utili, forse.

Esseri alieni nelle fogne USA?

Comunquesia è orribile! Di seguito postiamo alcuni commenti trovati su Youtube in merito alla natura di questi esseri!

staff biologists have confirmed that the creature is actually a colony of tubifex worms. The colonies attach themselves to roots that gradually work themselves into weak points in the pipes. They seem to respond to the light from the camera, Buchan said. That light is pretty hot.The worms naturally occur in sewage and pond sediment and are actually sold both live and dried as fish food in pet stores.

The weird-looking “sewer creature” spotted in a YouTube video is nothing more than a colony of tubifex worms, according to city officials in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Actually, the sewer monster is made up of thousands of tiny organisms called bryozoans, or moss animacules, said N.C. State University biologist Thomas Kwak. Invertebrates, they bunch together in colonies and feed with tiny tentacles.

the video was taken in April during an inspection of a privately maintained sewer line in Cameron Village.

A biology professor at North Carolina State University’s Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, says the so-called monster is actually a cluster of invertebrates called byrozoan, which are commonly found in both the sea and fresh water environments.

The byrozoan feed off bacteria and thrive in cold, dark environments



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