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kobudo taikai, japan 2009

Il Maestro Jaff Raji, appena tornato dal Giappone, ci racconta i suoi lunghi giorni (11 ore di allenamento al giorno) spesi in compagnia del 21° Soke SEKIGUCHI KOMEI. Maestro di spada. Nel suo racconto, anche la incredibile esperienza di essere invitato a partecipare al KOBUDO TAIKAI nel BUDOKAN di Tokyo. Onore estremo e rarissimo per un occidentale, a dimostrazione della incredibile preparazione del Maestro Jaff nella nobile e antichissima arte della spada. Mi permetto di mettere di seguito il suo scritto, così come me lo ha inviato.

As you know I already came back from my trip to Japan. During some conversations I already shared my impressions and experience to the source of BUDO. It is for me easier to make it during talks and answering directly to your precises and personals questions. So do it again.
It was a hyper intense et deep 15 days studying the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryua Iaijutstu under the direction of the 21st Soke SEKIGUCHI KOMEI, head of this school which takes her origin nearly 5 centuries ago.
image008The daily training was 11 hours a day, so no time to loose and no time for an appropriate rest in relation to the effort we did.

For me, it was once a great experience of work et depth inside the BUDO world close to an authentic master. The final of the first week training was as previous on February the 8th, the famous festival of traditional martial arts: the KOBUDO TAIKAI which happened every 2 years in the legendary BUDOKAN of Tokyo. During the festival, 40 Ryu Ha (old schools) selected among more than 400, shows their inner work in the aim also of their own preservation. As planned I took part of it with an international team representing our school. A memorable moment because few foreigners can take part of it: the Ryu Ha are Japanese cultural patrimony.


The second week was more hard and intensive because we still stay only two foreign students, an Australian and myself. During some courses we were joined by Sekiguchi Sensei’s women seniors students. The youngest was 57 years old and the older close to 80. They are remarkable women, and their presence during the trainings is exceptional. Sekiguchi Sensei was more precise and more demanding about our work. No time for rest, no mercy from Sekiguchi Sensei. What would we expect better than this  for my new brother in arms and me. We reached every day at the edge of dying so the night bath after 10 pm was welcome for our sores bodies; so we could be more fresh for the next day wake up at 4 am. For me it was also the best way to definitively make penetrate this authentic style inside my cells. I am able now to start to transmit it with more confidence.


before we leave each other, Sekiguchi Sensei during a simple ceremony with only three people, awarded me the INKEN or MENKYO of his school: official authorization for teaching his Ryu to anybody and everywhere. A moving moment. I was assisted by my new friend Robert Sedyunari,

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